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Reading room to Bhajana Mandir
NIMMA BENGALURU, Sat-03-Sep-2011, Bangalore
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The above building which you see in this picture is in thepark at N.S. Palya BTM 2nd stage, next to HOPCOMS green grocery as you see on the building it is says that it is a library for senior citizens(library called as vachanalaya) however senior citizens instead of utilizing the building meant for library, they have converted the place as bhajana mandir.
Every evenings senior citizens assemble and listen to bhajans and hari kathas. Is library place of reading in silence or listening hari kathas from an elderly person. People around the place, say that this Hari katha kalakshepa and Bhajan is going on from past 3 to 4 months, library has been closed completely, nobody knows where the books, newspapers and other reading materials have vanished.
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