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New living scenario for old citizen by Paranjape, Sobha and Others
NIMMA BENGALURU, Mon-28-Nov-2011, Bangalore
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New mission with a new vision flourish every day in realty business. According to the sources of www.propertykhazana.com one of the major names in realty India like – Paranjape, Sobha and many other builders are planning on a new trend of homes called retired homes. At such challenging period of business it is definitely risky decision for the company but looking to the changes of time and pace it might be a great show of business with change of life style in modern India. From confidential source it is known that by the census of 2011 a total of 10 crore senior citizen was counted in India who were above the mark of 60.
Here many would compare such homes to existing old age homes but practically it has all the facilities that an independent house or apartment is facilitated with. Inhabitants will be enjoying there own private space which will value more than their hard earned money by the company. It is well installed with proper management, easy access to healthcare services, security systems, recreation facilities and spiritual enclaves along with other daily requirements. The company is targeting this portion of the age group to make their life much happier and peaceful as compared those in ultra modern localities. The growing number of nuclear families can also enhance the company’s expectations in coming years.
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