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I and Bebo are tremendously well-matched – says Bollywood actor and Nawab Saif Ali Khan
NIMMA BENGALURU, Fri-11-Nov-2011, Mumbai
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As per the sources available to NBTV LIVE, Saif Ali Khan has not spoken about his looming wedlock with his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor. Different stories are turning round about the wedlock of the actors and it seems that, the marriage ceremony will be held at Saif’s Pataudi Palace, Saif said that it has been postponed because there is a holdup with his film ‘Agent Vinod’ and for the death of his father Mansur Ali Khan and he also inveterated for the first time that they both are marrying early in next year.
According to the reports available to NBTV LIVE, Kareena was thinking that they would tie the nuptial knots in 2012 but because of some perplexity the marriage will be in early 2012 or in the end of the year. And Sharmila Tagore mother of Saif has said that his son and Kareena will marry as soon as possible, and the plan of tying the knot shall be decided after the release of the film ‘Agent Vinod’ which is the home production of Saif which is ready to hit the silver screens on 9th of December 2011. But, because of some mystification the film is delayed and it also caused the spark of conjecture that the marriage got postponed for next year.
Saif Ali Khan said to NBTV LIVE that “He and his girlfriend Bebo will soon tie the knots by next year, we both had plans to get married in February 2012 after his home production film ‘Agent Vinod’ gets released but the film is delayed in releasing. But still we have decided to wedlock with each other by March 2012 and we are not going to postpone it further for any longer.”
He also said that “Bebo is a amazing lady and we both will get well matched with each other, and she has been with my family very well. We both carve up the equal values of our life; we also love each other very much and I need to spend my time with her more and more. Actually now I’m looking ahead to tie the knot with Bebo”. And the sources also revealed that the wedding ceremony will take place in Pataudi Palace and it will be according to the tradition and rituals. This occasion will be attended by all the family members and friends of both the couples.
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