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Critic in Art and Culture
NIMMA BENGALURU, Wed-03-Aug-2011, Bangalore
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Malleshwaram is known for its Arts and Cultural activities andmany past and present artists live there. Among them, Chitrashilpi Vekatappa award winner Sri.M.B.Patil (72) is one such. He is an artist of creating amazing paintings. 50 years ago he started painting. He started paintings as a hobby but his efforts took him to an apex of achievement. He was recognized and awarded the Karnataka Government’s Chitrashilpi Venkatappa Award. Even when he was working in a government job his painting habit did not slow down. He is such a simple person that he stays in an old cottage in Malleshwaram. As he likes to be undisturbed and free, he shares his house with a few students. He cooks, washes and sweeps the house himself. After his retirement from the government job he has dedicated himself to painting.
While talking to Patil, he seems to be very strong critic of any art, especially about painting. Accordingly, he says an art can be recognized by the artist only, not by a layman. Any artist must think twice before commenting about other’s paintings. When Ravivarma started to paint Laxmi and Saraswathi, he must have had a firm and clear concept of them. He might have referred the Vedas, he might have eeven studied Puranas and he labored till he obtained an authentic picture of the god or goddess in his mind. And hence, ultimately when the divine paintings have been released it is so authentic that it was used for worship for decades. He indicated, nowadays the recent generation of artists are not respecting the art , but are merely interested in commercializing and making money.
He is such a simple person that he does not have a bank balance, as he refused the offers of plots and house. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He has lot of plans to help to society in drawing and painting. He is dreaming of conducting a painting exhibition and training program for the prisoners hoping that it may reform them.
Even he has much more philosophical aspects which will lead us towards success in life. He says that first practice to make then fasting then start eating, that teach you how to face starvation in life?
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